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New Year's Eve - A Daily Devotional - Love MMDO

New Year's Eve Prayer - God's Loving Presence Devotional

You can Change Your Life Now, with These New Year Resolutions

 The following are five New Year Resolutions that can make you feel better about your life in 2022. 1. Declutter: If you're living in a cluttered space, it will be difficult to take care of the rest of the house. Declutter your home by throwing away or donating items that are no longer needed or wanted. This will help you feel less overwhelmed and more able to focus on the tasks at hand. 2. Budgeting: It's not too late to start budgeting for the new year! To avoid overspending this year, start with a strict budget so you know how much money is available to spend each month, and what you'll need to spend it on (plus some). 3. Routines: Establishing routines will help reduce stress. Every person has their own set of morning and evening routines. These routines may include anything from brushing teeth to making coffee, or even reading a book. Establishing these routines can help reduce stress and improve mental health. 4. Growth Mindset: Focus on learning something new. Never

A Thank You and Special Announcements Just For You!

  T- Thank You! I would like to start by saying thank you for helping us grow. You have been such a support through the growing pains. I am grateful for everyone of you! Here is our thank you video. We now have a new personalized URL!

Intentional Living to Save Money! 5 Reasons to try It!

 We all want to know how to save money. It's always in the back of our minds, and it affects so many aspects of life. Intentional budgeting is one way people are trying to save money. If you don't already have an intentional plan for your spending, this might be a great way for you to start! The key is balancing your needs and wants with what’s in the budget. And you can do that by following these five tips: 1) Stick to cash only when possible 2) Limit yourself to certain stores 3) Use promo codes when shopping online 4) Shop at thrift stores or yard sales 5) Be grateful

Your Best Hair Mask for Intentional Living Hair Care!

 Try this Recipe!! Your Best Hair Mask for Intentional Living Hair Care!

10 Tips to Cope with Holiday Stress!


Helpful Organizational tools for Intentional Living made Simple

  Idea's to Help You Get Started! Plan With Purpose