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It's Getting Hot Outside! How to Recharge Car AC & Use AC Pro!

  It's That Time of Year Again! It's Getting Hot Outside! How to Recharge Car AC & Use AC Pro! Pick up or have delivered! ⏩ Click Here To Order Your AC Pro from Walmart! (Aff link) See how we were able to get cooler air in this Chevrolet Trailblazer. Car maintenance can be costly! Can't afford to get to the mechanic, yet? Budget with me, using this car diy. Looking for information on how to refill ac in car or truck? In this video, you will learn, a quick and easy DIY, how to recharge an A/C system using R - 134a refrigerant/freon and leak sealer. (I have set up chapters below so you can quickly review any point you may have missed.) Perfect inexpensive diy auto repair, when your ac not working, AC Pro - A/C Pro. In this diy how to, I will be showing you how to use ac pro, according to the product instructions. We are using the ACP-100V | A/C Pro® Ultra Synthetic R-134a A/C Recharge Kit, 20 oz. with a digital gauge. You can purchase the A/C Pro R-134a Professi

Cream of Tartar: The Perfect, Low Cost, Baking Powder Substitute!

BADIA Cream of Tartar, 2 Pounds   I have to provide a 2 gram low sodium diet in our home and am constantly looking for different low sodium substitutes! I found this 2 lb container of Badia Cream of Tartar.  It cost $17.23 ($0.54 / Ounce). A great value! I typically purchase no sodium baking powder. We go through a lot because we substitute baking powder for baking soda by using a 3 parts baking powder for every 1 part baking soda we would have used.  However, no sodium baking powder had been unavailable for awhile. I learned that you can substitute 1/4 tsp baking soda with 1/2 tsp of cream of tartar for every 1 tsp of baking powder needed. This still decreases the amount of sodium by a substantial amount. I was able to replace my sodium free baking powder with this low sodium alternative conveniently, easily and affordably. It was just as effective and added to the flavor, being that my substitution required a small amount of Baking soda. It is kosher, clean and of great quality. It a

The Ultimate Guide to 16 of the Best Self-Defense Gadgets on Amazon

  Introduction: A Quick Look at the Self-Defense Industry The self-defense industry is a multibillion dollar industry with a number of different markets. The market for self-defense gadgets and weapons is worth about $1 billion. This includes stun guns, pepper sprays, and personal alarms. The market for self-defense products such as pepper spray and stun guns is worth about $1 billion. Self Defense Gadgets That Can Help Prevent Crime and Personal Violence Self defense gadgets are a great way to stay safe and secure. They can be used as a deterrent, or to protect oneself in the event of an attack. These devices are designed to help people feel more secure and less vulnerable, no matter where they are. There's a wide variety of self-defense gadgets on the market today. Some are designed for home use, while others are for personal safety when out in public spaces. And some self-defense products can be used for both purposes, like stun guns that can be used at home or when walking down

USB Professional Condenser Microphone by Mercase - Is it Worth it?

Being on a tight budget, I wanted to find a condenser Microphone that was affordable with good quality. I chose to purchase the USB Professional Condenser Microphone, by Mercase, through Amazon for $43.24. This is my video review.